Splink Industries is developing the next generation of app-based learning. Practical learning apps are a proven market of scale, but they are often creatively dull, technically basic, and poorly designed.

Splink will deliver a new generation of apps with mass appeal, that bring the same levels of world- class Talent, Technology and Tone that people expect from the best of other mass-market media.

We know how to engage large audiences by leveraging world-class talent and technology

We will apply this knowledge to app-based learning for skills tests to deliver vastly improved user experiences, better pass rates and important wider social benefits.


Splink has worked with James May and the DVSA to create the ultimate tool to help the nation’s future drivers pass their driving theory test. It’s currently available on the Apple Store and, in response to popular demand, we’re developing the Android version now.


First Car App of the Year Award

We’re delighted to have received a ‘Highly Commended’ Award in the First Car App of the Year 2021 Category.

UK Dev Awards

And we’re equally delighted to have been shortlisted at the UK Dev Awards for App of the Year!


We think that existing learning resources are often old-fashioned, over-complicated and ineffective. Nothing exemplifies this better that the 1970’s road safety campaign based on the Green Cross Code with “S.P.L.I.N.K.” as a supposedly handy mnemonic.

According to The Times in 1974 in a survey of 595 children aged between seven and 15, not a single one could remember what SPLINK stood for.

The public information film is available on YouTube.

Technology Partners

We’re delighted to have AND Digital and Relevant Software as our key technology partners to deliver My Theory Test with James May.

About AND Digital
AND Digital is on a mission to close the world’s digital skills gap. To do that, they accelerate the digital capabilities of ambitious organisations, blending tech craft skills and product expertise with an award-winning approach to talent development. This means their clients can launch digital products and build high performing digital teams faster today, whilst simultaneously developing the critical capabilities they need to fuel their digital journey tomorrow.

About Relevant Software LLC

Relevant is an offshore software development services vendor, known for flexibility, trustworthiness, great project management skills, and caring about the product they are building. They provide companies with hand-selected tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software in an efficient way.

Many of the Relevant team are based in Ukraine. We can support them in many ways, most immediately with donations to the ICRC and IRC.


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